Sunday, 8 November 2009


yo (: im so so happy. so, yesterday, i went to town with sam + corrie ;) and we went to the early learning center. LOL. and we made cows have sex, knocked over a globe or two and ran out. then, we went to a skate shop, and they bought spray paint and i bought feckin' lip balm that tastes really nice. my highlight of yesterday, was, when i put it on and i was like "anyone want some?" and sam was like "I do.. Of you (:" and i was like o^____^o they left at 4, i went around with caitlain + hannahlou for 2 hours and all these peoplez i didnt know D: and asked some chinese peoplez to meet caitlain. ell-oh-ell. went home, watched tv and went to sleep at 9.30 (A) next day, ally, rang me crying down the phone, as she lost MAC DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: and i cryed. so we went to town, today, and she bought me a friendship bracelet and we had a ceremony putting them on ;) oh yeah. MadamPuddleDuck + DÖPPLEGANGER = the sex.

oh yeahz. PEACE ♥

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