Monday, 2 November 2009

Well, it's been a while. i havent been on, because, i was banned, and because i have gotten a life over the while i havent been on. alotta shit's happened. like, being blamed about "starving myself", and "Nearly getting suspended from school", and "Acting older than i am". Pfft. Silly people. Well, uhmm, halloween just happened, and over the halloween break, was the best ever time of my life. ever. so, yeah, i fell in love. with Sam. again. me and ally got really friendly with him all over again. whenever he hugs me, i feel like the butterflies in my tummy are gonna carry me over the horrizon and into space to twirl around the stars and planets. and we were out, in the absolutely pouring rain, i was in a dress, about 2 milimetres thick, and thin tights and little shoes and a thin hoody. So, i hugged Sam for 20 minutes without stopping. i dunno if he could feel me smiling on his shoulder whenever i wrapped my arms around his waist tighter, and he held me closer. one of the best nights of my life, because he told me he felt the same way. So, im happier than i've been in a long time. Jamie, broke me. yeah. so im trying hard not to talk to him. or andrew. all i want in life now is Sam as mine, and Ally as my best friend. i've already got Ally, but Sam still isn't mine. i'm also starting to smile and laugh again. and i finally think im okay looking. not pretty, but not so disgusting, you'd look at me and set yourself on fire. so yeah, lifes on the up.
Laytur Aligator ♥

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