Tuesday, 13 October 2009


well, i'm back. my mum found my last blog about me starving myself. So this is a positive blog about not starving myself :] Well, my name's hannah. my life's going pretty okay, i cant say much though, because im just 12, so life is really just opening it's doors for me. I have good days, bad days, okay days, and the occasional FANTASTIC day. Today, was an alright day. Woke up, got dressed, packed my bag and headed for the bus to school. i'm one of those people who only goes to school for her friends. If they weren't there, Yeah, school would be as boring as bertha. PAH! whatta silly saying, Okay, then, i met Lauren, an actual factual carebear :] she's just amazingly beautiful, funny, kind, sweet and well, yeah, Lauren-ish (: we walked to the bus stop, and a little dog called Honey followed us :D, for chocolate digestives really xD and we fed him, and he sat and waited for us at the bus-stop :3 how sweet? and... went into school, went hyper with Alexandra and turned my tounge blue. Then miss collen came in and killed my mood. we went to maths (had fun making fun of catherine who admited her head looked like a bean), Had break (nothing) x___x and then to Spanish D; boring, Then to Geography, where i explaines to alexandra what get crunk means. Then, Lunch ;D Cranberry Juice, Me, Alexandra, Laura, Ellen, And Sophie were poledancing in the haunted toilets :) then, i had art, (YAY!) but i failed at it and me and Niamh had a paint fight ;] Then, finally, Mrs Waddell in English. D; she's soooooooo boring. YAY! Hometime :] came home, mum discovered my starvation blog, so there was alotta tears saying how i'll die if i try to be ProAna. i wised up, now i dunt wanna go to school , because im coughing up my spine. Well, i'm off to bed. Peace ★

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