Sunday, 18 October 2009

good.. 6 minutes untill afternoon? i had a very pleasant sleep (: just awake. Yesterday, was one of the best days of my life :) despite all i had was £5.00 to my name and i would of had £25.00, but i got afterschool deteention and a note came home and mum read it and took it off me. So i didnt get my halloween coostume >:( but i meBoldt up with ally, she came in on her uncle's motor bike with her dad, wearing a little leather jacket with tassles xD and we went into inShops so she could get her lip bar changed because her one's too big. Sadly, she forgot her receipt, so she couldnt get it changed. BUT, then we saw Jamie and some other dude and Jamie scared me by jumping on me? and he squeezed my sides in together, so i screamed. We talked 5 minutes and then went off. i pushed the door again, but it was a pull. so i pulled it and it wouldnt work so i started beating up the door and everyone was like "whathafah!" and i was like half laughing, half screaming. So ally opened it, we went into a pet store and looked at the turtlessss ^_^ and then went into the costume shop to show her my costume, she's getting it now too :D and it was £30.00 there though, it was just £20.00 in Elliots. We walked round, headed back and go toasties xD she got chicken and sausage xD and i got sausage and bacon. it tasted like crap. we then threw it away and walked through a graffitti tunnel and wrote "ally loves hannah ^^" and "hannah loves ALLY! ^_____^" with lotsa hearts (; then... we went into the corium :3 then, to Urban outiftters, Ally fell in love with Urban Outfitters :3 and on christmas, we're going back and we're gonna buy loadsa clothes (; and we ran around taking photos, and picking up necklaces and seeing cool people, then we found a pretty gold necklace that had a golden envelope smaller than my finger pad, and it opened and out came a tiny gold metal letter saying "Je t'aime" and we were screamin' over this. So we went into the changing rooms (which were the sex. they had all brightly painted doors with numbers and big golden knockers and keys to lock them :DD) and we broke of the envelope from the necklace, and stuck it in our pockets. Then we ran out crying LOL. then, we went to claires, and spent 230 minutes picking a friendship bracelet, bought it and took the lift up to the dome, then, we had our ceremony, Ally put on my bracelet and i put on hers. Then we ran the whole way down the spiral staircase, and went to tesco, and bought fanta lemon and dr pepper, and ran to city hall and mny daddy picked us up and brought us home. Day well spent. Then, i walked the dog, text Andrew and Ally, and went to bed :3

peaceOut girlScout <3

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